The industrial equipment for the production of carbamide-ammonia mixtures

оборудование для производства карбамидо-аммиачных смесей

The carbamide or urea – is full of carbonic acid amide, a colorless crystal structure of a substance which is easily soluble in water, alcohol, liquid ammonia.

The carbamide can be in two grades: A and B. Grade A is intended for use in the manufacture of adhesives, plastics and resins. Grade B is used for the preparation of mineral nitrogen fertilizer in agriculture, as well as a feed additive in animal breeding. The carbamide intended for the production of fertilizers is the most concentrated of nitrogen fertilizers, in addition to ammonia in the urea nitrogen content reaches 46.3%.

The first industrial equipment for carbamide-ammonia mixtures were abroad in the twentieth year of the twentieth century. Namely, in the United States of America, France and Germany. The method that obtained urea was not very economically profitable, so in the thirties and forties, scientists have begun to develop a different way.

In the late eighties companies began to mass-produce carbamide-ammonia mixture. These fertilizers have a large number of advantages over solid nitrogen fertilizer, namely, first complete mechanization of transport and storage process, as well as uniform application of fertilizer to the soil, so the minimal loss of nutrients and reduce environmental pollution.

The company Djala Gold offers to purchase industrial equipment for the production of carbamide-ammonia mixtures. This will allow your agrocomplex to support themselves by liquid fertilizers the desired concentration.

You will always be able to have only the highest quality mix, with the components in the percentage. And the quality that is necessary to increase the yield of growing crop.

The company Djala Gold for each customer offers industrial equipment, which allow to optimize your settings and to save cash infusion.

Installation of of industrial equipment for the production of carbamide-ammonia mixtures significantly save on transportation and storage. Since you no longer need to store liquid fertilizer. You enough storage to store loose components and if necessary fertilizer, you can prepare for a day or two before application in soil.

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