Scope of the liquid complex fertilizers

нанесение ЖКУ

During the last decade, even more often in agriculture are turning to liquid nitrogen and phosphate fertilizers. They have received quite large spread. Through liquid fertilizers, which is applied foliar way, feeding vegetative plants helps to eliminate micronutrient deficiencies in their nutrition. As well as prevent the development of various kinds of diseases, and provides a good increase in productivity.

Liquid complex fertilizers are neutralizing the ammonia by phosphoric acid or polyphosphoric acid. Such fertilizer through special technologies have different amounts of nutrients and substances. Ratio can be regulated during production.

The solution liquid complex fertilizers can be a dark gray or green color. The average density is about 1.4 g / cm3. As part of such fertilizers about forty-eight percent of the active ingredients, about thirty-seven per cent of the phosphorus and eleven percent of nitrogen.

Liquid compound fertilizer is mixed with water or aqueous solutions with solid fertilizers or liquid fertilizers with nitrogen, only those which do not contain ammonia, it is an indispensable factor.

Due to the fact that the absorption of nutrients, namely supply of the root system and leaf nitrogen and phosphorus, is quick and easy – it significantly increases the effect of the fertilizer. With the use of liquid complex fertilizers eliminated or reduced (by at least from twenty to thirty per cent) of diseases such as powdery mildew and rust.

The liquid complex fertilizers can be used not only as a fertilizing crops, but also as a basic fertilizer.

If the liquid complex fertilizers used as basic fertilizer, it can make not only the intrasolum, but also spraying on the surface followed by incorporation by any tillage it. And doesn`t lose its nutritional properties in the gaseous state.

The main advantage of liquid complex fertilizers is that it doesn`t contain free ammonia, which simplifies transportation. There is no need in hermetic package, and should not be applied in the soil to a certain depth.

In the application of liquid complex fertilizers adverse weather conditions haven`t greatly affect the efficiency, such as when working with hard types of fertilizers.

If you have formed the need in the treatment field with pesticides, or growth stimulants, then you could easily confuse them with liquid complex fertilizers.

The liquid complex fertilizers – one of the easiest types of fertilizers that are easy to use and is not poisonous and not explosive or flammable. Methods which simplifies their storage and transport.

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