Humisil Sport Gold

Humisil Sport Gold

Humisil SPORT  is a multi-component therapeutic and preventive supplement for males’ erectile dysfunction. It is a source of vitally important vitamins and minerals. Its ingredients stimulate fundamental links of males’ sexual function implementation: libido->erection->penetration->friction->ejaculation.

Action of the supplement is based on its components which are the following:

– extract of rhodiola rosea stimulates activity of limbic and parasympathetic parts of nervous system which are responsible for libido.

– zinc citrate compensates zinc deficiency in the body. In addition to a number of serious deviations, zinc deficiency decreases number of luteinizing hormones – substances that give a command for testicles to produce testosterone. Also zinc ensures normal functioning of prostate gland and sperm health.

– extract of Epimedium Sagittatum, owing to its active substances, provides additional stimulation of testosterone production. The most important component of Epimedium, flavonoid icariin, atcs as an inhibitor of PDE-5 (Viagra, Cialis, Levitra).

– В vitamins are essential for all metabolic processes of the body. At the same time, lack of group B vitamins can be observed in almost all people, as these vitamins are water soluble and without extra feeding they are simply washed out from the body.

– С and Е vitamins are powerful antioxidants, they are directly involved in the biochemical process of erection and, being available together in the body, they enhance action of each other.

– humic substances thin the blood eliminating stagnation in the body, strengthen vascular walls and prevent transformation of smooth muscle cells into connective tissue and stimulate ion exchange processes in the body. Humic substances bind to and deliver icariin without losses into a blood stream, thereby providing required amount of active icariin in order to maintain lasting erection.

1 capsule contains:

extracts from humic substances of deep purification – 75 mg;

extract of rhodiola rosea (minimum content of salidroside is 3%) – 100 mg;

extract of Epimedium Sagittatum (minimum content of icariin is 30%) – 125 mg;

zinc citrate – 7.5 mg;

magnesium citrate – 75 mg;

vitamin В1 – 1 mg;

vitamin В2 – 1 mg;

vitamin В3 – 5 mg;

vitamin В5 – 2.5 mg;

vitamin В6 – 1 mg;

vitamin В12 – 2 µg;

vitamin С – 35 mg;

vitamin Е – 25 mg.

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