Liquid complex fertilizers

What are liquid compound fertilizers?

Liquid compound fertilizers (LCF) are suspensions or aqueous salt solutions, that nourish the soil and contain nitrogen, phosphorus and sulfur and magnesium. LCF solution has practically no insoluble residues and contains the elements in a fully digestible form.

Why do we need liquid compound fertilizers?

Liquid compound fertilizer is a high-speed, highly effective fertilizer.
Plants gradually take nutrients from the soil the, thus the last should be constantly replenished by phosphorus and nitrogen fertilizers. Contained in soil phosphorus and nitrogen are essential elements for plants growth and their vital activity.

The value of phosphorus for plants:

  • is crucial in photosynthesis and in the processes of energy recovery;
  • accelerates the maturation of plants and fruits;
  • improves the growth of plants and their roots;
  • improve the resistance of plants to drought and cold;
  • improves strength of the stems.

Advantages of  liquid compound fertilizers

Liquid compound  fertilizers have several advantages over dry fertilizers:

  1. Liquid compound  fertilizers don’t contain free ammonia, so it can be stored and transported in an open container.
  2. Liquid fertilizers can be applied to the soil without any manual labor, which significantly reduces costs.
  3. The use of LCF  can improve plant utilization rate of nutrients, because it does not depend on weather conditions (rain, strong wind, etc.).
  4. The uniform and efficient soil application.
  5. Convenient adding other mineral substances or agents for pest control.
  6. LCF are not toxic, non-flammable and non-explosive.

Liquid compound  humic-containing fertilizer (LCHF)

Liquid compound  humic-containing fertilizer (LCHF)  is a liquid compound  fertilizer, produced by “DJALA GOLD” company. It is chlorine-free balanced liquid fertilizer compound , intended to increase the processes of growth and ripening of all types of vegetables, fruit, cereals, industrial crops, ornamental plants, conifers, flowers and grass lawns.

Due to the activated form of humic substances, suggested a liquid complex fertilizer increases resistance to severe eco biological conditions, significantly neutralize toxic agrochemicals. Allows the use in combination with any agrochemical.

LCHF prevents sediment at standard storage, does not clog spray nozzles when its use.

Intended use:

  • restoration and improvement of soil biota
  • high efficiency for any crops in all regions and climates
  • fertilizing can be combined with soil treatment by crop protection products
  • efficient for leaf and root fertilizing

Intended use

Due to the optimal ratio of microelements in combination with humic substances the proposed liquid compound  fertilizer is used for restoration and improvement of soil biota. It has high efficiency for any crops in all regions and climates. Fertilizing can be combined with soil treatment by crop protection products. It is efficient for leaf and root fertilizing. Its usage improves crop quality, increase fruits number, making the plant more resistant to adverse weather conditions: drought, excessive moisture, temperature, etc.

Advantages of using the proposed liquid compound  fertilizer: 

  • provides high uniformity of nutrients introduction
  • almost complete absorption even in drought conditions
  • rapid penetration to the plant root system and valid nutrition
  • fertilizer positively affects the soil microflora, do not acidifies the soil
  • reducing the need for phosphate and compound fertilizer up to 50%
  • significantly extends the technological terms of fertilization.

Price for liquid compound fertilizers in Ukraine

Price for liquid compound fertilizer  can be found in the section.

To buy liquid compound fertilizers

Various crops have different requirements for useful elements. Lack of mineral substances leads to diseases of plants, as well as reduces the amount and quality of the crop.

If chemical analysis has lack of microelements in the soil, the problem can be solved by simply making fertilizers. This will eliminate the disease of plants, improve soil fertility and increase crop quality.

You don’t need to solve this problem by yourself. Just contact “DJALA GOLD” professionals.

Production technologies of liquid complex fertilizers, as well as water purification technology are developed, patented by “DJALA GOLD” and available for agricultural producers implementation:

Cost of the development of a complete technological cycle isformed for each individual customer. To  check the cost of services and order Technological Installation – contact the Company.

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