Hemp, poppy

  1. Pretreatment of seeds before sowing

A consumption rate: 2 liters of SS 20 Climatic Control Concentrate are diluted with 10 liters of tank mixture with 1 ton of seeds being treated with prepared work solution making use of seed dressing or soaking treatment technique. The product may be used with any protectants, fungicides, herbicides, and pesticides by their lower limit of Recommended Usage Standards.

  1. Leaf Spraying

The first treatment is carried out in the stage of the four or five pairs of true leaves; the second treatment precedes the stage of budding; when introduction of herbicides or pesticides, the stages may be combined.

A consumption rate of product to be used in the spraying apparatuses in a solution of 250 to 350 liters per 1 hectare is 2 liters of SS 20 Climatic Control Concentrate per 1 hectare for a single treatment.

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