Soil cultivation using humate

купить гумат и гуминовую кислоту в Украине

Every farmer or the owner of agricultural land wants to get a large and stable harvest once a year or even more, depending on the crops and regardless of the weather. At the moment the development of modern agricultural technologies is nothing impossible at this. One of the innovations in the field of fertilizers is the soil and plant treatment using humate.
There sodium humate and potassium humate. This organic and natural substances that are received naturally and entirely harmless to the environment.

Sodium and potassium salts which are called humates obtained from concentrated humic acids. They are inherently chemical basis of humus soil, that is its concentrate. A humus in their turn responsible for most biochemical processes in the soil.

Humus is formed due to the microbes that live in the soil and recycle dead insects, fruits and other plants. That is a product of the decomposition of organic substances. The more different natural residues in the soil, the faster will be formed a layer of humus.

Humate favorably influence the soil. They increase the number of supplied nutrients to stimulate plant growth, protect against toxic substances, heavy metals. Thanks to this product as the humic fertilizer manufacturers have the opportunity to get ecologically clean products in a polluted environment.

If the land at your farmland well enriched with humus, it is able well to retain moisture. And if you have sandy soil the humus makes them more cohesive and stable, but on clay soil it affects differently, turns it into a loose mass. As we can see, humus is capable of influencing physical properties of the soil.

As for chemistry, thanks to humic acids is released essential nutrients for plants. Humus is capable of retaining in itself acids and alkalis and to give them as needed. Accordingly, each plant receives a certain, necessary for the growth and development the amount of nutrients. Other words, you avoid over-saturation or conversely a lack of fertilizer for crops. And as a result you will have a beautiful, bountiful harvest.

Humic acid significantly reduce the amount of pesticides and nitrates in the soil. Thereby naturally restores soil fertility and plant easier to tolerate stress conditions that are associated with the variable weather, frost or conversely long heat. In addition, as a result, the taste of the fruit is greatly improved and fully disclosed.

Due to organic fertilizers it is possible to obtain several harvests per season, as the plant begins to bear fruit early.
Humate from the manufacturer contributes to the rapid recovery of the soil and reduces its depletion. Its low cost and high effectiveness of humate and humic acids are among the most popular types of organic fertilizers, which are used worldwide.

The advantages of humates and humic acids include the following items:

First, completely organic fertilizer, its absolute environmental.

Secondly, after the feeding of potassium humate, crop is increased by the amount of twenty to fifty percent.

Humates affect all parts of the plant, so to say in the complex. They stimulate photosynthesis, improve root system and increase the weight of the ground part of the plant.

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