Humisil Sport Rubin

Humisil Sport Rubin

Humisil SPORT is a supplement based on natural compounds and metal-organic substances, which significantly increases muscles’ size and strength of individuals intensively involved in sport. Another strong side of this supplement is relief of males’ erectile dysfunction (ED) owing to favorable effect on sexual function of males, increase in potency, stimulation of spermatogenesis. Humisil™ supplement is a source of vitally important vitamins and micro elements.

The composition contains the following elements:

Forskohlin (Coleus Forskohlii) – compound of versatile nature which increases consumption of fat cells as an energy source by the body, provides rise of natural testosterone level, by simulating effect of luteinizing hormone, has a strong vasodilating and anti-tumor effect, improves organism resistance to ultraviolet radiation giving you a darker tan.

Tribulus – Tribulus herb extract which contains about 0.7% of steroid glycosides, as well as flavonoids, alkaloids, and vitamin C in large quantities. Tribulus significantly increases sportsmen muscles’ size and strength, as testosterone is a powerful anabolic hormone. The extract stimulates secretion of gastric fluid, reduces blood cholesterol levels, lowers blood pressure, increases myocardial contractility, it has immunomodulating properties and strong diuretic effect. The main feature of Tribulus – Furostanol content in large quantities, which has a positive effect on sexual function of males, it increases potency, stimulates spermatogenesis. Administration of Tribulus increases natural testosterone level by 60-70%. Tribulus is considered as a totally legal drug by World Anti Doping Agency (WADA).

Succinates of zinc, manganese, magnesium citrate compensate deficiency of micro elements in the body.

1 capsule contains:

forskolin extracts (minimum content 40%) – 60 mg;

tribulus extract (minimum content 90%) – 450 mg;

zinc succinate – 25 mg;

manganese succinate – 20 mg

magnesium citrate – 50 mg.

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