Feed Additives

What are feed additives?

Feed additives for animals – are products and mixtures of mineral, chemical, vegetable or animal origin (including microorganisms) that purposefully added to feed or water in order to:

  • improving useful characteristics of forages and their assimilation;
  • meet the nutritional needs of animals;
  • improving products of animal origin, as well as achieve a positive effect on the color of ornamental animals (fish, birds, etc.).;
  • preventative effects on the body and improving the physiological functions of animals.

Types of feed additives

Feed additives can be: flavors, proteins, minerals and enzymes, amino acids, dietary antioxidants, adsorbents and others.
According to way of influencing on animal organism feed additives are divided into several types:

  1. Nutritional feed additives (vitamins, amino acids) contain nutrients for better health and productivity.
  2. Technological feed additives intended to enhance fodder hygiene (e.g., organic acids).
  3. Sensory additives – it’s mostly the color and flavors that improve animal food intake..
  4. Zootechnical additives (enzymes, probiotics, and others.) Improve the processes of digestion of nutrients.

Feed additive “Torfovit”

Torfovit feed additive is a biologically active substance, produced by “DJALA GOLD” Company on the basis of natural organic-mineral components for animals, birds and fish.

Torfovit feed additive provides maximal adaptation of animals, birds and fish to any adverse environmental conditions, maximal adaptation under the deteriorating climatic regime and chronic radiation-chemical exposure.

Torfovit feed additive can be used as animal stress adaptogen and immunity inductor.

Torfovit is produced exclusively from natural ingredients, namely lowland peat mined in an ecologically clean area. It contains neither  synthetic no natural hormones

To buy feed additives

To buy feed additives to ensure animals balanced nutrition – contact “DJALA GOLD” Company. The company’s products differ from similar ones by high quality and reasonable price.

Torfovit feed additive is unique in terms of the ratio of the physico-chemical characteristics to the cost (including the content of water-soluble biologically-active ingredient of humic acids)

To find the price and buy feed additive Torfovit – contact the Company.

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