Humisil Sport Eco

Humisil Sport Eco

HUMISIL SPORT ECO improves performance under extreme conditions followed by lack of oxygen and under intensive mental strain and physical overexertion. HUMISIL SPORT ECO is an effective supplement for normalization of metabolism, immune system restoration, elimination of chronic fatigue and tiredness syndrome consequences.

Indications for use:

  • manifestations of all forms of hypoxia – hypobaric, hypercapnic, hemic;
  • increase of stamina in complicated conditions;
  • preservation of high physical performance and its rapid recovery within subsequent period;
  • stress-protective activity;
  • decreased ability of attention concentration during work or training;
  • memory impairment or attention disorders;
  • vegetative neurosis, asthenic disorders, fatigue;
  • necessity of adaptation to influence of different extreme ecologic and/or biologic factors;
  • rehabilitation of pathological conditions following chronic bacterial and viral infections;

HUMISIL SPORT ECO is characterized by absence of undesirable side effects.

The composition contains the following elements:

Sodium polydihydroxy-thiosulphonate derivatives – substances classified as antihypoxants and antioxidants which reduce oxygen consumption and increase body performance efficiency in extreme situations; provide antihypoxic action by improving efficiency of tissue respiration under hypoxic conditions, especially in organs with high-level metabolism (brain, cardiac muscle, liver), provide reduction in oxygen consumption under significant physical loads, improve aerobic respiration, decrease mental and physical fatigue, promote successful execution of labor-intensive physical operations.

Indole derivatives – substances exhibiting polyvalent biological activity, highly efficient antihypoxants, hepatoprotectors and actoprotectors which provide protection of the body against influence of adverse factors of physical, chemical and biological nature impacting the body.

Pyracetam – increases resistance of brain tissue to hypoxia and toxic effects, improves rheological properties of blood.

Biotin  plays an important role in carbohydrate metabolism, interacting with pancreatic hormone insulin it is involved in metabolism of glucose; it is an essential vitamin for skin, hair and nails.

Succinates of zinc, manganese, magnesium citrate optimize course character of intracellular reactions, providing a wide range of protective effects under conditions of prolonged oxidative stress.

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