Torfovit feed additive  – biologically active substance, produced on the basis of natural organic-mineral components for animals, birds and fish.

Trade name: «Torfovit»ТМ 

ТУ У 15.8-33907125-001:2006

Form: transparent liquid without sediment, or with a small amount of it

Composition: 100% water soluble concentrate, or 6% aqueous solution of the biologically active agent based on organometallic compounds of natural humic acids, obtained from peat.

Features/Action: corrects and regenerates the natural microflora of the gastro-intestinal tract. Acting on the cellular level, regenerates the permeability of cell membranes increases the activity of enzymes, stimulates respiration, synthesis of proteins and carbohydrates, intensifying metabolic processes in a cell.  Absolutely harmless, does not have allergic, teratogenic, embryotoxic and carcinogenic properties. Reduces the amount of used antibiotics.

Field of application: provides maximal adaptation of animals, birds and fish to any adverse environmental conditions, maximal adaptation under the deteriorating climatic regime and chronic radiation-chemical exposure. Can be used as animal stress adaptogen and immunity inductor.

In the practice of veterinary medicine may be used in the following areas:

  • natural stimulator of animal productivity, improve the efficiency of digestion;
  • significantly increases the efficiency of animals digestion due to the intensification of metabolic processes of living cells, allows the use less valuable fodder;
  • effective sorbent for the removal of toxins of microbial, fungal origin, chemical toxins, heavy metals, radionuclides;
  • immunomodulator, has antitumor, antimicrobial, antiviral, wound healing, and other therapeutic effects;
  • used to prevent diarrheal syndrome, stress ulcer formation in the stomach of pigs, chickens.


  • is made exclusively from natural ingredients, namely lowland peat mined in an ecologically clean area;
  • high content of volatile fatty acids and groups of so-called volatile amines, primarily affecting the physiological activity of the product;
  • contains neither synthetic no natural hormones;
  • uniform basis for use in agriculture, livestock, poultry and fish farming;
  • is unique in terms of the ratio of the physico-chemical characteristics to the cost.

Application effect: is presented in Table 1.

Dosage and method of administration: the consumption is 5-10 kg for 1 ton of feed mixtures for birds, animals and fish.

Precautions: the product belongs to almost non-toxic substances (class V). The preparation does not have a local irritant effect on the undamaged mucous membrane of the eye and has no skin-irritating action on intact skin.

Package: canister, 30 L.

Storage condition: store at room temperature in a dark place out of reach of children.

Shelf life: 3 years.

Producer: «DJALA GOLD» Company Ltd., 4, Ostrovskyy Side-Street, Yasnyy, 49000 Dnipropetrovsk, Ukraine

Table 1. The results of experiments on the use of TORFOVIT

Duration of the experiment Main results

feeding up to 3 months

Increased weight gain by 13 -15% compared with the control group. Reducing the incidence of respiratory infections.

from birth to 50 kg live weight

Average daily weight gain of the experimental group made up 650 g versus 560 g in the control group.  Delivery weight of the experimental animals was 15 kg per head higher than in the control group. The incidence of experimental animals was lower by 50%, and the mortality rate during fattening is 2 times lower than in the control group. Noticeable improvement of quality of meat due to stress proofreading action of the preparation. Antibiotics were excluded from the ration.
Pigs before farrowing

a month before farrowing

Weight of young animals is 15% higher than in the control group.
Chickens Increase weight gain by 12-15% compared with the control. Surviving of chickens is  96-100% vs. 84-91% in the control group. Antibiotics were excluded from the ration.
Laying hens The 9% increase in egg production compared with the control. Chickens born from eggs of the experimental group had 98% survival versus 91% in controls and 10 %  weight increase
Fish farming

Channel catfish larvae – the whole period of rearing

Carp, channel catfish – for the whole growing season

Enhanced growth and increased survival of fish (88-90%). Adding humic additives to the environment of  insemination and egg development, increases the volume of its insemination: the blastula height increases by 46-99%, the fruitfulness  – from 34% up to 64%.
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