Technological installation CAN-LCF

Organization and supervision of technological Installation for liquid nitrogen fertilizers production on customer’s production base effective, using :

  • mixture of carbamide and ammonium nitrate,
  • modified humic substances / complexing agent
  • set of the essencial micronutrient.

Installation is suitable for the production of liquid chlorine-free complex of microfertilizers from  mineral concentrates: phosphoric acid, potassium hydroxide, carbamide.

Technological module consists of:

  • reactors equipped with high-speed turbo-mixing device;
  • hydropercussion flow reactors;
  • ultrasound generators with a polarizing element;
  • induction heaters.

Suggested technological installation provides a highly active organo-mineral complex of humic concentrates with the following characteristics:

  • high purification from the pathogenic organisms, bitumens, toxic substances and heavy metals;
  • increased complexing properties provided by multifrequency electropulse and ultrasonic generators;
  • multiple immunomodulatory and increased general neuroprotective properties (including protection against UV and other harmful radiation) by modifying the final product using polarization effects;
  • reduction of residual radioactivity and chemical toxicity of harvest through the activation of chemical and radioprotective properties of the final product;
  • natural soil protoflory development in the working solutions.

The effect of the installation implementation and use of fertilizer:

  • reducing the need for the use of standard bulk fertilizers by 2 times and the standard liquid – by 20-30% due to the effectiveness of a suggested product;
  • launching the processes of remediation and cleaning of the exhausted soil, creating agro soils on sandy formations in arid zones;
  • reducing the cost of liquid fertilizers production by 15-20%, taking into account the transport costs reduction (no need to carry water from a distance);
  • an increase in the average yield on all soils by 20 – 25%;
  • production of additional concentrates (supplied by “Djala Gold”) is not more than 3-5%, the rest is made on point of use;
  • the production is repaid within one field season.

* Example: one installation requires 20-30 people staff (two-shift production).


  • production reactor module (excluding communications, additional equipment, industrial premises) with capacity of 20 tons of carbamide and ammonia mixture (LCF)/day – from 50 thousand USD;
  • production reactor module (excluding communications, additional equipment, industrial premises) with capacity of 100 tons of carbamide and ammonia mixture (LCF)/day – from 250 thousand USD;
  • production unit on hydropercussion flow reactors and ultrasonic wave generators with the capacity from 200 tons / day — from 485 thousand USD;

Technological cycles are protected by patents.

Installation supervision and staff training are performed during the equipment  assembly.

Fertilizer formulation is composed according to the customer requirements.

Technological installation CAN-LCF

Technological installation CAN-LCF

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