The industrial equipment for the production of carbamide-ammonia mixtures

оборудование для производства карбамидо-аммиачных смесей
The carbamide or urea - is full of carbonic acid amide, a colorless crystal structure of a substance which is easily soluble in water, alcohol, liquid ammonia. The carbamide can be in two grades: A and B. Grade A is intended for use in the manufacture of adhesives, plastics and resins. ...

The sapropel

Today we are reviewing one of the fertilizer, which has been known to mankind for centuries, it is – sapropel. Sapropel - a freshwater mud, which is located in the ponds or lakes. It is formed from the remains of humus fish and plants, that is aquatic flora and fauna, which have lain ...

Decontamination of waste products livestock complexes

Дезактивации отходов животноводческих комплексов
Everyone knows that this type of activity as agriculture sometimes generates an adverse effect on the environment. Because livestock and poultry farm companies often do not have the advanced technology of waste decontamination. And thus do not comply with established environmental ...
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