Redoubt (only for export) – multi-purpose complex of biologically-active protection of agriculture yield and soil, used in difficult climatic and eco-biological conditions, as well as  for organic farming.

It is a high-aqueous concentrate of chelate organometallic compounds based on stabilized humic substances. The solution of biologically active substances is produced on the basis of deep drawing of peat and coal using electro-hydrodynamic effects.

Trade name:

TU name
:  Organo-mineral fertilizer Torfovit

Form: liquid


  • natural himatomelanic acid biopolymers, processed through supercritical conditions;
  • biomass – natural micronutrients, metal-containing biologically active substances derived from highly mineralized lake silt;
  • substances to reduce the molecular friction of water – to improve drought resistance and plant frost resistance;
  • amino acid peptide regulators.

Features of the product – a high content of tholin – a component of nitrogen-fixing bacteria food chain. Simultaneously, tholins act as an effective protector from ultraviolet radiation.
The product has developed bacterial protoflora high proteolytic activity (“Acidobacteria”), which provides the biodegradation of plant residues (including cellulose), micro-organisms and absorbed hydrocarbons in the contaminated area to the product of deep decay. Furthermore, the developed protoflora has expressed antagonistic properties regarding pathogenic microorganisms.

: provides increased resistance of the immune system of soil biota and agriculture yield; protecting against impacts:  solar radiation, drought, frost, excessive moisture, bacterial infection and mutagens, pests, chemical pollution, radiation poisoning and anomalous electromagnetic radiation. Restores bacterial nitrogen-fixing soil microflora, thereby activating the nitrification of organic matter in the soil.
Protective effect most strongly is manifested under extreme conditions: high or low temperature; drought or waterlogging; sunlight excess or insufficient amount; lack of oxygen and low pressure high in the mountains; high salinity of the soil and the accumulation of toxic chemicals.

Field of application:
for treatment of seeds and planting material; fertilizing during the growing season for cereal, technical, vegetable, flowers and ornamental and fruit crops; in the open field and greenhouse in order to accelerate plant growth and development; improve the sustainability of their adverse growing conditions; increase productivity and improve its quality. Can be actively used during complex stubble cultivation, of remediation and cleaning of the exhausted soil.


  • modified polymerized components of humic substances encourage active water retention under the prolonged drought;
  • Climatic Control System with UV protector controls the burn damage and reduces the temperature of the leaf surface under conditions of high ambient temperature;
  • antioxidant plant protection system provides resistance to cold snap and heavy environmental burden;
  • higher concentrations of the full set of necessary minerals are used, balanced according to the needs of soil nitrogen-fixing microflora, based on chelating complexing providing the highest possible bioavailability of all components
  • initiated protoflora stimulates the development of soil nitrogen-fixing bacteria;
  • compatible with any crop protection products.

Usage efficiency:

  • yield increase from 20-25% (with the full processing cycle);
  • improve the quality (grade) and the properties of the final product (increase in nutrients);
  • saving fertilizers by 20-30%;
  • restoration of soil biota in conditions of high salinity;
  • the toxic and mutagenic effects of herbicides and pesticides are largely neutralized.

Dosage and method of administration: specified by the operation chart flowsheet.

Package:canisters: 1 L, 5 L, 10 L, 20 L, 30 L.

Storage condition: store at room temperature in a dark place out of reach of children.

Shelf life: 3 years.

Producer: «DJALA GOLD» Company Ltd., 4, Ostrovskyy Side-Street, Yasnyy, 49000 Dnipropetrovsk, Ukraine

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