Why do we need microfertilizers?

Microfertilizers are necessary in order to provide plants with all the necessary microelements, nutrients and, in the end, get qualitative rich harvest. Microfertilizers — are substances which contain micronutrients consumed by plants (zinc, manganese, boron, copper, cobalt and others).   Plants need small number of microelements. But the absence of at least one of them will negatively affect the growth and development of plants. Therefore, fertilizers are essential substances to improve soil fertility, improve plant nutrition, get good quality fruits and provide plants resistance to various diseases.

Types of microfertilizers

Microfertilizers can be simple and complex.
Simple microfertilizers contain a single microelement (zinc, manganese, boron, nickel, copper, cobalt, molybdenum, etc.).
Complex  microfertilizers contain 2 or more microelements (superphosphate, chelates, nitricphosphoric concentrated fertilizers, etc.).

“DJALA GOLD” has developed the following line of microfertilizers under the brand Torfovit:

  • Torfovit – soil modifier (based on biohumus);
  • Torfovit – SS18 Flesch;
  • Torfovit – SS20 Fort;
  • Torfovit – SS20 Redoubt;
  • Torfovit – SS20 Redoubt Climatic Control (only for export);
  • Torfovit – SS24 Bastion Climatic Control (only for export);

Microfertilizer  “Redoubt”

Microfertilizer “Redoubt” is a product, developed and registered by “DJALA GOLD” Company.  The fertilizer has a number of advantages and is successfully used in agriculture.

Microfertilizer  “Redoubt” description

Redoubt – multi-purpose complex of biologically-active protection of agriculture yield and soil. It is a high-aqueous concentrate of chelate organometallic compounds based on stabilized humic substances. The solution of biologically active substances is produced on the basis of deep drawing of peat and coal using electro-hydrodynamic effects.

Fertilizer Redoubt not only protects the plants, but also enriches them with wide range of nutrients.  Its main components are: 5% concentrate of humic biopolymers, immunomodulators (antioxidant plant protection system), UV protector and chelated complex of 9 micronutrients: zinc, copper, manganese, boron, molybdenum, nickel, magnesium, cobalt and iron. Thus, microfertilizer Redoubt contains more microelements than any other fertilizer on the Ukrainian market.

Redoubt is used in difficult climatic and eco-biological conditions, as well as  for organic farming.  Redoubt is recommended for the treatment of seeds and other planting material, including seedlings, plant extraroot top treatment and soil reculturing.

Can be actively used during complex stubble cultivation, of remediation and cleaning of the exhausted soil.


Redoubt provides increased resistance of the immune system of soil biota and agriculture yield; protecting against impacts:  solar radiation, drought, frost, excessive moisture, bacterial infection and mutagens, pests, chemical pollution, radiation poisoning and anomalous electromagnetic radiation. Restores bacterial nitrogen-fixing soil microflora, thereby activating the nitrification of organic matter in the soil.

Protective effect most strongly is manifested under extreme conditions: high or low temperature; drought or waterlogging; sunlight excess or insufficient amount; lack of oxygen and low pressure high in the mountains; high salinity of the soil and the accumulation of toxic chemicals.

Microfertilizer Redoubt can be used for any crop: vegetables, fruit, grain, technical, ornamental plants – both in open ground and in greenhouses. Very important feature – it is compatible with all means of plant protection. Means, by using fertilizer, farmers can immediately remove the threat of pesticide crop stress.

Usage efficiency

  • yield increase from 20-25% (with the full processing cycle);
  • improve the quality (grade) and the properties of the final product (increase in nutrients);
  • saving fertilizers by 20-30%;
  • restoration of soil biota in conditions of high salinity;
  • the toxic and mutagenic effects of herbicides and pesticides are largely neutralized.


Different types of plants and crops have different needs in micronutrients. Therefore OPERATION CHART FLOWSHEET is developed for the following groups of plants:

To buy microfertilizers

Crops, as well as soil, need regular replenishment by organic and mineral fertilizers.  Microfertilizer Redoubt effectively helps to get a good harvest by increasing soil fertility and improving plant nutrition. Fertilizer also improves plant immunity to diseases.

Professionals of “DJALA GOLD” will advise and answer all questions regarding the use of microfertilizers.

To buy microfertilizers Redoubt  –  contact the company on contact numbers.

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