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Humisil “4Life”

Biologically active dietary supplement Humisil “4Life” is a multi-component organo-mineral complex based on modified natural humic substances aimed at general stabilization of body systems exposed to influence of radioactive isotopes, high-energy radiation, cancerogenic substances and genetically modified products.

Humisil “4Life”  is used for immunodefence strengthening, prevention and treatment of cardiovascular, musculoskeletal, immune and nervous systems pathological processes accompanied by hypoxia, chronic indolent diseases, skin diseases, hemopoietic organs, post-alcohol detoxication and treatment, including chronic alcoholism, as well as the base or one of components increasing performance and metabolic processes required for heavy and intensive training and work loads, in particular, for those who perform hard physical work.

It is a multi-component organic-mineral complex uniquely combining strong antihypoxant and antioxidant properties. Methods of physical and chemical modification of source humic acids provide maximum human adaptation to any adverse environmental conditions including climatic deterioration and chronic radiation-chemical exposure.

1 capsule contents: Extract from modified humic substances of deep purification with reduced C14 content – not less than 75 mg; derivatives of succinic acid – not less than 75 mg, sodium salts of thiosulfonic acid – not less than 225 mg.


Humic acids

The main component of the supplement is humic acids.

Today human body has insufficient content of vitamins, minerals, micro elements, it is poisoned by air of big cities, affected by germs and allergens, bad habits.

Humic acid is a big long chain of molecules that can be allocated in the form of peat humate. The complex of humic substances is an extremely powerful and highly bioavailable combination for organism recovery. It contains full range of minerals, amino acids and micro elements. Among those are natural polysaccharides, peptides, up to 20 amino acids, vitamins, minerals, sterols, hormones, fatty acids, polyphenols and ketones with subgroups, including flavonoids, flavones, flavins, catechins, tannins, quinones, isoflavones, tocopherols and others. In total – around 70 useful components. Such rich polymorphic structure provides  the variety of positive biological effects of humic acids.


Pharmacological effect

Antioxidant properties: Humic complex has evident ability to maintain chemical balance in the body. It  can act as a donor or acceptor of electrons. This makes humic acid  a powerful natural antioxidant, scavenger of free radicals which damage protein structures and molecules of cell DNA, violate their genetic code and, in particular, facilitate cancer development. This is especially important for residents with significant deficiency of antioxidants found during epidemiological studies.

  Antiviral activity: Humisil “4Life” has high antiviral activity. Humic acid molecule enwraps a virus, blocking its entry into a cell and preventing replication. It sends an invader warning signal to the immune system. This signal pushes the immune system to fight the virus which is in a vulnerable position as a result of binding by the humic acid molecule. It leads to reduction of virus quantity and the immune system eliminates the disease more efficiently. The inhibitory effect of humic acids is directed against early stages of viral replication, therefore prophylactic use of humic acids is possible, in particular, during influenza epidemics.

   Detoxicant and hepatoprotector: Humisil “4Life” is a powerful complexing agent binding and removing heavy metals (lead, mercury, copper, cadmium, cobalt, zinc and others) from the body. Getting into the body with air and food they can be accumulated in tissues. Upon reaching a certain concentration, they cause serious poisoning and cell mutation. Heavy metals are not removed from the body on their own if no medical measures are taken. Humic acids are actively involved in the liver metabolism and act as a filter for heavy metals. They capture and immobilize toxic substances, preventing them from entering into a chemical reaction. After this toxins can be easily removed from the body. Long-term use of humic acids has general positive effect on liver performance. Liver enzymes level is normalized, cellular respiration is stimulated, damaged liver cells regeneration is intensified.

Effects on blood properties: Humic acids at a dose of 100-300 mg per kilogram of body weight do not affect bleeding time, blood coagulation time, thrombin time or thrombocyte aggregation. Red blood cells and hemoglobin remain at normal level. At the same time, in the presence of humic acids, erythrocytes deliver a higher percentage of oxygen to the tissues.

Antibacterial activity: Humisil “4Life” provies antibacterial effect on the following pathogenic microorganisms: C. Albicans, Prot. Vulgaris, Ps. Aeruginosa, S. Typhimurium, St. aureus, St. epidermidis, St. pyogenes. They significantly accelerate bacteria metabolism, which leads to enhanced degradation of microbial cells. Humic acids neutralize pathogenic microflora in the intestine. Related bacteria and toxins are eliminated naturally.

Enterosorption: Humisil “4Life” provides special adsorption. It is not a mechanical enterosorbent but a complexing agent which acts more intensively compared to ordinary physical enterosorbents. As a result, it is capable to stop diarrhea and other digestive disorders significantly faster. Their light tanning effect increases thickness of intestinal mucosa, decreases its permeability and excessive release of tissue fluid into intestinal lumen, which helps to avoid excessive water loss during diarrhea. It tend to form a thin gel skin on the mucosa of the gastrointestinal tract, protecting the body from infections and toxins. If intestinal epithelium villi are inflamed or damaged, humic acids penetrate into subepithelial tissue and promote their recovery.

Humisil “4Life” has  another important property as enterosorbent. Only toxins and excess mineral substances are selectively eliminated from the body during treatment with Humisil “4Life”. The body doesn’t loose required quantity of useful micro elements when taking humic acids. Humisil “4Life”  in the recommended dose do not affect the internal balance of nutrients. Humisil digestives enzymes action, breaks down food particles in the gastrointestinal tract. It inhibits growth of pathogenic bacteria in the gastrointestinal tract, stimulate growth of natural intestinal microflora, improves protein digestion and absorption of calcium, micro elements, nutrients.

   Immune system: Humisil “4Life”  strengthens  the overall immune response. Humic compounds regulate amount of glycoproteins in the body affecting the balance of T- and B-lymphocytes. They activate synthesis of interleukins 1 and 2, production of endogenous interferon, gamma globulins, activates depressed functions of the immune system. It has anti-cancer properties, inhibiting tumor growth as well as inhibiting action of viruses which can cause cancer. Fulvic acid reduces protease activity that helps to reduce metastatic activity of cancer cells.

   Anti-inflammatory properties: Humisil “4Life” has anti-inflammatory effects. They accelerate healing of wounds and ulcerous defect due to increased proliferation of fibroblasts, activation of water, protein and fat metabolism. It has an inhibitory effect on the synthesis of inflammatory mediators – prostaglandins.  Tissue hyaluronidase is activated locally, which accelerates healing of wounds. Humisil has inhibitory effect on proteolytic enzymes which damage walls of blood vessels and skin.

   Anti-atherosclerotic effect: Due to the ability of identification and binding excess body substances Humisil “4Life” forms and excretes complexes with cholesterol and low density lipoproteins, which makes them effective in treatment of atherosclerosis and its consequences.

   Antiallergic effect: Humisil “4Life” reduces body sensibilization actively binding and excreting allergens. It removes allergy symptoms, normalize number of eosinophils in blood, leads to stable remission.

  Anti-stress effect: Humisil “4Life” regulates performance of stress hormones which are produced by adrenal glands (adrenaline and noradrenaline). Increased level of adrenaline and noradrenaline indicates an increased level of anxiety. Excess hormones are blocked by humic acids and do not reach their receptors in cells. It has the  ability to influence erythrocytes oxygen saturation, which improves overall health and leads to a surge of energy.

  Overall result: Stabilization of structural and functional integrity of cell structures, autoregulation of water and salt metabolism, enhancement of overall organism resistance, normalization of oxidation-reduction potential of intercellular medium and restoration of intercellular water clathrates.

  Additional components: The content includes metabolic agents of non- consumptive type – derivatives of succinic acid and sodium salts of thiosulfonic acids. These agents help to restore cellular respiration processes, have antihypoxic action, help to improve organism resistance to hypoxia and increase efficiency during mental and physical stress.

  Indications for use: Enhancement and restoration of organism efficiency under different conditions, including extreme conditions (heavy loads, hypoxia, hyperthermia etc.); acceleration and enhancement of adaptation to influence of various extreme ecobiological factors; somatic diseases, infections, intoxications, rehabilitation of pathological conditions following acute and chronic bacterial and viral infections, oncological diseases; pre- and post-surgical period; consequences of heart attacks, strokes, loss of memory and reaction.

  Contra indications:  Hypersensitivity, hypoglycemia, hepatism, pregnancy, lactation, epilepsy, glaucoma, ischemic heart disease, arrhythmias.

  Side effects: Discomfort in the stomach and liver area, rarely – nausea, vomiting, allergic reactions. In these cases it is required to reduce the dose or stop taking.

  Overdose: Symptoms – hypererethism, nocturnal sleep disorder. Treatment: gastric lavage, activated charcoal, if necessary – symptomatic therapy.

  Dosage and administration: Orally, after meal, 2 capsules 2 times a day. If necessary, the daily dose can be increased up to 6 capsules, heavy weight individuals (above 100 kg) – up to 8 capsules (4 capsules 2 times a day). The course of treatment is 20-25 days, with at least 5 days break between courses (in order to avoid cumulative effect). Number of courses depends on medical effect which can be achieved within 2-3 or 4-6 courses at average. To improve performance in extreme conditions: 3-6 capsules 60 minutes before stress loads. In case of continued work – re-dosing after 6-8 hours – 3 capsules. The maximum daily dose should not exceed 8 capsules and subsequent day dose – 4 capsules. To maintain high performance level for a long time (several weeks), and activate adaptation processes it should be prescribed as: 7-day courses with 2-day breaks, 2-3 capsules 2 times a day.

  Precautions: Do not take in the evening (due to possible sleep-onset insomnia).

Produced according to requirements of TU U 10.8-33907125-001:2014.

State sanitary-epidemiological expertise as of 17.06 №05.03.02-06/20693

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