Oil palm, coffee, cocoa, rubber, and other fruit trees

  1. Soaking treatment of seedling roots in a solution prior to planting during 12 hours.
    Preparation of work solution: 40 ml of product per 10 liters of water (1:500).
  1. Leaf Spraying
    Three-time treatment per a season: the first treatment is carried out a month before blossoming, the second treatment is carried out in 5 or 7 days after blossoming, and the third treatment is carried out at the beginning of physiological fruit drop.

For rubber-bearing plants, the external treatment of body straight after derivation of resin shall be necessary added. The surface of body shall be additionally treated at the site of resin derivation with 1:500 solution (there shall be taken 30 mL of product per 10 liters of water to prepare work solution)

A consumption rate of product: 20000 liters of water per 1 hectare is 30 liters of

SS 20 Climatic Control Concentrate per 1 hectare (1000 mature trees) for a single treatment or 20 liters of water and 30 mL of Torfovit concentrate per a single tree.

The water is applied evenly within a radius of 1 m from the body of a tree.

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