Decontamination of waste products livestock complexes

Дезактивации отходов животноводческих комплексов

Everyone knows that this type of activity as agriculture sometimes generates an adverse effect on the environment. Because livestock and poultry farm companies often do not have the advanced technology of waste decontamination. And thus do not comply with established environmental standards.

The easiest and most effective way – is the modernization of livestock complexes for the decontamination of waste technologies and equipment. Such changes of economic activity will lead to compliance with environmental regulations.

All this became possible thanks to the introduction of non-waste or low-waste advanced technologies, which are based on the use of raw materials in the economic turnover which there are accumulated and formed. Which reduces the adverse impact on the environment by reducing organic waste, waste water and water consumption.

Each company needs an individual approach, as each has its own important points of production that influence the environment. And therefore it is necessary to consider all aspects and to develop measures for the protection of nature, it is applicable for a particular livestock complex and accordingly calculate the cost and the associated costs.

Decontamination of waste products livestock and poultry has economic value, so the effect on the cost of production, namely lead to higher prices. This factor has a negative impact on the competitiveness of this product further. However, in developed countries are very strict environmental control, which leads to the need to install new equipment for the decontamination of livestock complexes waste.

The company Djala Gold offers its customers a modernized and innovative technologies in the field of decontamination of organic waste pig farming, poultry, livestock, leading to the rational use of available natural resources and the creation of new closed cycles in the manufacture of certain products.

There is an acute problem of processing manure and dung, so our company offers many new technologies that are not associated with high financial costs. But our decontamination and recycling technology really work and accordingly, improve the environment near poultry farms and livestock companies.

Decontamination of waste products livestock complexes

Because of the environmental pollution of animal waste we go to an environmental disaster, which greatly affect human health. Therefore, more and more scientists are turning their attention to eliminate these problems.

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