Improve nutrition using feed additives

кормовые добавки для животных

The company DJALA GOLD offers eco-friendly natural feed additives for all birds, animals and fish.

Due to the fact that there is a fairly intensive development of animal husbandry and the rise of agricultural activities occur shortage of specialized feed additives. If the animal doesn`t receive the required number of proteins, essential amino acids,various vitamins and minerals, it falls stress resistance (especially in industrial breeding birds), weight gain, problems with the digestive tract, which can lead to the loss of cattle, that is greatly efficiency of breeding suffers.

Other words can be easily conclude that the improvement of forage increases the volume of produced animal products, so respectively its quality and profit. In the sphere of influence of feed additives include such indicators as the gain of height and weight, the animal’s reproductive quality, health and the like.

For the successful development of agriculture related to animal husbandry necessarily the introduction of special natural feed additives for all livestock nutrition. That feeding affects all indicators related to animals.

After a series of scientific studies that point to the fact of necessity not only to the presence of high-quality and balanced feed to unleash the potential of the industrial complex. To increase efficiency, among other things, require special additive which contains a complex of micro and macro vital to increase the capacity of the base feed and increase the height and weight of the animal or bird.

Dietary supplement Torfovit is powered by DJALA GOLD. Has all the qualities necessary for a feed additive and it is absolutely natural. It promotes stress resistance and increasing immunity of birds, fish and animals. And the main advantage is the complete absence of synthetic and hormonal components in its structure. This is the main factor for a number of European countries.

Torfovit as a feed supplement for animals, birds and fish provides a balanced diet, improves eating base feed, increases the efficiency of the food components that are used. And also a great preventative measure stress-related illnesses and metabolism.

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