Using immunomodulators for the protection of agricultural crops

иммуномодуляторы для растений купить

Almost all agricultural plants need protection against negative external effects, natural events, as well as an unfavorable environment. To solve this problem, there are special products for plants which are called immunomodulators. Because of low immunity, which occurs at the beginning of the growing season, all the potential yield may be affected.

Immunomodulators help improve immunity of agricultural plants and prevent the onset of fungal diseases. Diseases appear just at the weak plants and spread rapidly. The plants themselves have a special defense mechanism, but its full implementation (so to say activation) is required immunomodulator and growth stimulator.

These products are organic, they contain only biologically active substances such as vitamins, proteins, minerals, amino acids, peptides, and polysaccharides. They contribute to the stimulation of plant growth. Such formulations are applied by farmers, large agricultural producers, as well as in private households.

How immunomodulators affect on plants?

First of all they accelerate the development and growth of the plant as a whole. Practically any climate annually occur sudden changes in the weather, which adversely affect the plant, which has entered a phase of active flowering or ripening already. With the help of immunomodulators can mitigate the negative effects and change the state of plantings, taking into account the natural cataclysm.

Due to the use of compounds that stimulate the growth of plants, they accumulate a certain reserve of nutrients and trace elements, which make the plants more resistant to adverse conditions. Other words, the plant can endure quite drastic fluctuations in air temperature and be more resistant to mechanical damage, which often occur in agricultural work. And let’s not forget that the plant becomes more resistant to diseases and small pests.

In addition, due to the organic origin of immunomodulators, improving fertility and characteristics of the soil itself. Because to increase the level of biological activity and phytosanitary level needed organic fertilizer.

Using immunomodulators, you can improve not only your quality of agricultural products, which favorably affect the sale price of products, but also reduce the amount of pesticides and fertilizers.

Our company offers a wide range of of immunomodulators and growth stimulators for plants that have different functions and areas of action. Including special organic compounds for the growth of the root system or the green mass to accelerate flowering plants, seed development, tubers and fruits. Special products can help you increase plant resistance to drought, frost, unconventional cold snaps, disease and so on.

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