The sapropel


Today we are reviewing one of the fertilizer, which has been known to mankind for centuries, it is – sapropel.

Sapropel – a freshwater mud, which is located in the ponds or lakes. It is formed from the remains of humus fish and plants, that is aquatic flora and fauna, which have lain at the bottom of more than a dozen and a hundred years without oxygen. Sapropel is rich in nitrogen, calcium (due to crayfish and other crustaceans), phosphorus, potassium, amino acids, humic acids, trace elements and other organic substances.

One of the main advantages of the biologically active material – it does not allow to grow the pathogenic bacteria. It follows that the seedlings, which are grown with the addition of sapropel grow strong and will not be such a disease like root rot.

Sapropel perfectly retains moisture, so the soil does not dry out so quickly and perhaps make a little less watering. With regard to the air permeability, it also increases because the moisture retained mainly clay lumps. Thus, we see that because of sapropel improved the physical and chemical properties of the soil.

Dark almost black color of sapropel demonstrates its high quality.

This additive should be used with caution, as it has the effect of long-acting, that is about ten years and a surplus would be harmful for plants sometimes even fatal. Muddy sediments perfectly clean soil pollution with heavy metals, as they pulled the various harmful substances and prevent them from getting to the plants. Of course, harmful substances do not disappear, but simply do not reach the plants.

The fertilizer can be applied both in pure form or by mixing with a variety of organic and mineral fertilizers, composts.

Sapropel has proved popular not only in private households, but also in the large agricultural holdings, greenhouses and other agricultural enterprises. Since it copes with the task as stimulating the growth of plants, and various vegetable crops and orchard trees. In addition, it is environmentally friendly fertilizer and does not adversely affect either the man or animals. Can be used on sandy and clay soils.

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